Sepura UK Headquarters

Sepura PLC

Date 2014-2015

Value £3.6m

Sectors Commercial 

Northmores' role Technical Advisor and Employer's Agent

Services Project Management 

The Sepura Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications developed specifically for business and mission critical communications. Northmores were appointed to oversee the £3.6m fit-out and redevelopment of Sepura’s newly acquired 65,000sq ft UK headquarters.

The brief was to redefine the way Sepura works and provide a space that reflects the company’s core values, whilst creating a better environment for staff and clients.

Sepura’s new headquarters includes office space for 300 staff, a reception area, a meeting & training suite – with a dedicated product presentation area, high tech production facilities, R&D and testing labs (including an anechoic chamber used for advanced sound experiments), an onsite restaurant, flexible collaboration spaces, server rooms and a product distribution warehouse.

The office move has also led to staff embracing a completely new way of activity-based working, with office staff now working together on one floor. Staff can choose where they work, with enough space to have private conversations or to perform heads-down work that requires concentration. There's also ample space for team collaboration and breakouts. The product demonstration room allows Sepura to showcase their innovative solutions to prospective clients and is a centrepiece of the new workplace.

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