We believe in a quality, considered and flexible approach throughout the consultancy process.

Every member of the Northmores team takes pride in each commission they undertake. We strive to align our vision and values with the needs of your organisation, for the best possible solution.

As part of our commitment to quality we are corporate members of the Association of Project Managers, and we are ISO 9001 certified. We aim to practice the principles of quality management, continuous improvement, and environmental sustainability, while maintaining a careful yet flexible approach throughout all aspects of the business.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a completed, quality project on-time and on-budget. To do this we believe that the earlier we are engaged the more impact we can have on the project and that a holistic view must be taken from day one. This is because the decisions that are made at inception usually form the basis and the parameters of the whole project.


We can help you solve complex challenges and reach your goals within time and budget.