Specialist Services

In addition to our main service offerings, we provide a wide range of specialist services catering to specific needs within the industry.

Many of these services stem from our extensive, industry-leading experience of PFI within the NHS. Northmores has been intrinsically involved with PFI in the NHS since its inception and has been involved in over 40 successful projects since advising exclusively for the client in each case.  

Below, we feature some of our specialist service offerings. Please get in touch with one of our team to discuss your requirements and our experience.

If there is some aspect of your business that you need specific help with which doesn’t appear on our services or specialist services pages please contact us to discuss.  


Our specialist services

PFI/PPP/DBFO Bid Management
PFI Lead Technical Advisor Role
PFI FM Review and Advisor
Procurement Advice
Fire Safety Advisory Services
Technical Serious Incident Reporting
Energy Audits

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